A Parlor GameThe Best American Poetry Blog
On favorite-poem lists.

Poetry-FamousThe Best American Poetry Blog
On poetry celebrity.

Poetry IsThe Best American Poetry Blog
On current popular ideas about poetry and poets.

Verse Translation, Parts I and IIThe Best American Poetry Blog
Nineteen leading translators discuss contemporary verse translation.

James DickeyPoetry 
A remembrance.

Make Make It New NewPoetry
Short essay written for the centenary of Ezra Pound's "A Few Don'ts by an Imagiste."

I Thought You Were a PoetPoetry
Notebook essay on poetry and madness, winner of Poetry's 2011 Editor's Prize for best feature article.

The Grand HotelPoetry
Review of new poetry collections.

Written for Poetry Foundation/MoMA event commemorating the centenary of "The Futurist Manifesto" in 2009. Click here for audio, also featuring Charles Bernstein, Thomas Sayers Ellis, and A.E. Stallings.

Commentary on poem 50 from Tennyson’s In MemoriamPoetry Daily
National Poetry Month Poet's Pick.

Introduction to Poetry
Paper delivered at UCLA's Edgar Bowers Conference and Exhibition, April 11, 2003.